Friday, August 21, 2009

Dreaming of Fall

One of my favorite daily reads is A NYC Housewife-In-Training, also known as H.I.T. She blogged today about what she is looking forward to most in regards to fall. I love, love, love fall, so I thought I would join her in the dreaming of crisp fall breezes.

Fall is my favorite season. I could go on for days (well maybe more like hours) about how much I love it and why. But, I'll fallow H.I.T.'s lead and give y'all a list, okay?

So without further ado, my very most favorite things about fall are:

1. The first event of fall for us is always the decoration of our house for Halloween. This is our second year to be in our house. We do this the last night of September. We went pretty low key last year, seeing that on the last day of September, I was about to POP with London in my belly. This year, I plan to go all out with a fun, funky Halloween theme. The center will be a big, huge wreathe for my door that my mom will make (thanks in advance Mom, sorry I haven't officially asked you yet). I'm thinking something like this:
Except bigger, fuller, and a much bigger "boo" in the middle, instead of the top, or maybe a witch to sit in the middle.

I'll also do a table scape that will stay up all month of the kids. London isn't old enough to enjoy it, but Dylan sure is! He LOVES any holiday.

2. The first of October also brings the pumpkin patch into our lives. We have a fabulous one in a town near by. It is the huge field of, well, pumpkins, that is just beautiful. They also have tons of activities for the kids like face painting, wagon rides, train rides, bouncy houses, corn mazes, a house made of pumpkins, and a bunch of other neat stuff. The coolest part? Its free. We spend a many of October days at the pumpkin patch. They make their profit off of their pumpkins, which cost a little more than if you go it at a store, but the memories of picking your pumpkin are worth it, and the food and drinks they sell there.

3. The State Fair! My parents took me every single year to the State Fair. We lived in Mississippi though, and it was a good deal smaller than the Texas one. It was a bigger deal to us Mississippi kids though, I think. Here in the Dallas area, we have tons to do for fun including Six Flags. Still, I think Dylan love the fair because its out of the ordinary and we get to eat lots of yummy junk food. The live entertainment is always fun too. Really, I don't think you can replace the fair with any amusement park.
4. Trick or Treat, Halloween parties, and all other festivities revolving around Halloween. Can you tell we are loving Halloween around here!? We are planning to host a party for all of Dylan's classmates, the kids in our neighborhood, and a family friends at our house this year. We are calling it "Dylan's Monster Bash". He is beside himself excited and Mommy is having blast planning it. We'll also have several other parties and festivities to be part of. And of course I can't wait to dress the kids up and take them Trick or Treating.

5. All things Thanksgiving (maybe that's what I should have said for Halloween too, no?). I will decorate the house again for Thanksgiving. For the exterior, I'll just take away the jack-o-lanterns and cobwebs, and change out my wreathe (again, thanks in advance Mom). I'll do a new table scape as well. I'll start planning the menu for thanksgiving in October, but I am already dreaming about pumpkin pie. 6. What is fall with out football!? My Handsome Hubby isn't much of a football guy himself, so we don't really watch it like religion (unlike my side of the family), but we still enjoy a few games and the delicious game food that comes with it. For my Daddy, I just have to say.... GEAUX TIGERS!!!

7. Fall clothes are really just the best, aren't they? I can't wait to break out cute sweaters, scarves, and boots.
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