Friday, August 21, 2009

Dylan Logic: 01

*Dylan jumping all over my furniture like a wild person.
Mommy: Dylan, you know you shouldn't jump on the furniture, pumpkin.
Dylan stops and give me a pouty face.
Dylan: But why not, Mommy?
Mommy: Because you might break it and its not good for it.
Dylan: Well, I jump on the floor and it doesn't break and you don't get mad about that.
Pause for thought on my part. (That was pretty quick of him, no?)
Mommy: Well, honey, the floor isn't breakable and the furniture is. That's why it is okay to jump on the floor but not okay to jump on the floor. Okay?
Dylan: Weeeellllll. Okay, but its not as much fun to jump on the floor. Sometime rules are not fun.
*Dylan bounces away on the floor like a little kangaroo.

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