Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pajama Day

My Handsome Hubby is a Video Game Programmer. Most of the time, he works normal 8 hour days. But sometimes, they go into "crunch" mode at the office. This means that they work more like 12 hour days. They also have the less harsh "sprint" mode, where they are only required to work two extra hours in a day, including working through lunch (don't worry, they always have yummy, healthy lunch catered to them on these days).

The Handsome Hubby is a cross between sprinting and crunch for the past two weeks. What I mean, is that the office is asking him to sprint, but he isn't able to work as quickly as he would need to in order to only sprint and make deadline, so HE is more like crunching. For the past three days, I have seen him for maybe 2 hours a day. Last week was the same. I miss my hubby!!

I'm thinking that as soon as he is past this deadline, also known in the gaming world as a "milestone" (that sounds so much nicer, huh?), that I might send my kids to my mom's house over night. It would be London's first time to stay away from home, and Dylan first time in a long time (I think maybe since she was born). But my mom only lives a little ways away, I know they would be fine, and I am dying for just a little one on one time with my handsome hubby. Sure, romance would be involved, but really I just want to curl up with him in some comfy PJs, watch movies, eat tons of cheese cake or maybe some truffles, smooch, and talk for hours. Baiscally, I'd like to have pajama day with just me and the hubby. Ahhh. That sounds like bliss. Too bad the milestone is not over until October. A girl can still day dream.

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