Monday, August 24, 2009


You know one thing I love about kids?
They can be silly without any reason other than the want to be silly.
Both my kids often burst into silliness out of no where.
Today, I was trying to take a picture or two of my babes, and London just got the itch to be silly.
So, Silly she was.

If only adults would just turn silly on whim sometimes, life maybe wouldn't be quite so stressful or serious.

I often think life might be better if we were all just a little more child like:

Need to laugh? Then laugh.

Want to scream and cry? Scream and Cry.

Make friends with every stranger? Of course.

Look for fun in everything you do? Always.

Dance without music? Everyday.

Trust full heartedly? Thats the only way.

Love with everything inside of you? Yes, of course.

...Ah, the lessons that I learn from my children everyday.

They make me so proud and happy...

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