Monday, August 10, 2009

Can You Pass Me the Remote, Please?

At my house, we can not live with out our DVR. Well, I bet we probably wouldn't actually DIE with out it, but it wouldn't be as grand if we didn't have it. We are so spoiled to being able to pause, rewind, and then fastforward live T.V.

I'm watching my Junk Reality TV and the phone rings, no problem... Pause.

I didn't catch what they just said on the news, no problem... rewind.

This is Bliss.

If only life cam with a remote. I so often wish I could just pause time for a bit and enjoy special little moment with my family and children. I long to rewind time and revisit the days of Dylan being a baby or London being a new born. But there is no remote for life. So I just try to not take any little thing for granted. For example, today my sweet little Dylan got overly excited that I told him I was proud of him eating all of his super. "Awwww. Mommy, I LOVE making you so happy!" *Pause, please!* London had a blast today prenteding to be on a phone and even said "Hey" for the first time. *Pause, please!" Darn not having a remote. I'll just have to take those moments in and hold onto how very special they are. The little moments are what makes life so special, no?

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  2. I know exactly what you mean. And, you've just inspired my post for tomorrow :) I promise to link back to you.