Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Wisdom of Babes

Yesterday, after I told Dylan at 8:30pm that he had to go to bed he asked me, "But can I PLEASE play some video games with Daddy? We haven't played any tonight."

I told him that I was sorry but that he could not stay up any later. Daniel told him they would play some tomorrow.

Dylan tears up a bit. Daniel offers a bed time story instead and Dylan agrees. But then says "I'm mad at Mommy. She NEVER lets me play."

I hear him, but decide not to say anything.

Daniel says "I don't think that's true Buddy."

"Yes it is. Today, I didn't get to play video games!"

Daniel asked him what he did do.

"I watched some TV this morning. Then I played in my room. OH! I LOVE to play in my room. Then I played on the computer. OH!! I LOVE to play on the computer. Then I played transformers. OH!! I LOVE to play transformers!"

There is a pause and then Dylan says, "Oh, Daddy! Mommy DOES let me play. I DID have a great day."

Smile. My little guy is a genius. I'm pretty sure. Or maybe all moms just think that about their kid. I was just so proud of him for thinking the situation through and coming to a logical conclusion. I know that's not really what he meant to be doing, but maybe I should start looking at some IV League schools, no? :)

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  1. What a smart little guy! I would be gushing with pride too :)