Wednesday, September 2, 2009

London is 11 Months!

I say this every single month, but DARN!! Time flies! *Sigh* I can't believe my baby will be one year old next month. That is so surreal to me. More surreal is that big brother is going to be turning FIVE tomorrow!!! I'll post all about Dylan's big day later though. Here is what Miss London was up to this past month:

*Still crawling around everywhere, and now at super speed.

*Pulling herself up on EVERYTHING.

*About half way through the month she started letting go of objects that she pulled up onto and standing on her own for little bits at a time.

*Cruises with ease. Its so funny to watch, but she will hang onto the wall and cruise along side it too.

*Is starting to sound out simple words. "HeyWo" (Hello), when "talking" on her phone. "Doe" (Down) are her most common new words.

*Blows kisses

*Points with finger at what she wants/where she wants to go.

*Gives closed mouth kisses, rather than big open mouth-to-cheek slobbery ones.

*"Aww-wee's" her baby dolls. This is what we call it when she hugs and pats on the back. We will say "London, Aww-wee..." and she will love on whatever it is we asked her to. But lately she does it on her own with her dolls.

*The biggest news of all: SHE TOOK HER FIRST STEPS TODAY!!! One day shy of 11 months, Miss London took 5 steps in a row!! Dylan walked at 10 months, and I asked her if she was going to let him beat her on that milestone the other day. I thought she was going to let him, but I guess she decided not too! :D My heart was so full of pride I thought it might bust.

Her stats for this month are:

Height: 30 inches, 95th percentile

Weight: 25.9 lbs, 97th percentile

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