Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dylan Logic: 02

I'm swatting a rolled up magazine around like a mad cavewoman in a desperate attempt to kill not one, but TWO flies in my house that WILL not die.

Dylan: Mommy, your not so good at that.

Mommy: Well, I'm trying, Hunny.

Dylan: Daddy can kill flies really fast. He just goes like this *slaps hand on the table* and kills it.

Mommy: That what I'm trying to do, Dylan.

Dylan: Well, you not very good at it though.

*Silence from both of us while I chase this stupid fly around like a mad person *

Dylan: Don't feel bad Mommy. Your just a Mommy. Your not a Daddy. That's why you can't get the flies. I think only Daddy's are good at catching flies.

Mommy: Oh, you think that's it?

Dylan: Yeh, sometimes things are just like that, Mommy.

*Sigh. Flies are STILL alive (an hour later). It might have to wait for Daddy, sometimes things are just like that.

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  1. I ran around our room like a mad woman once trying to kill a horsefly that Husby let in (again by opening the windows). Naturally, he had left for the weekend. It took me 2 hours to catch the sucker and kill it.