Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend Recap!

We had another wonderful weekend.
Friday night, we really just hung out around the house. We picked up GForce and watched it in our bed with Dylan after London had gone to sleep. I love getting to have one on one time with each of the kids! I think its SO important.
Saturday morning, I worked at my little PTJ for a few hours and then came home in some seriously icky weather. I had hoped to go to the park and spend lots of time outdoors this weekend, but mother nature disagreed with my plans. So, we played inside and got an early start to our spring cleaning! I went and had a couple of drinks with some friends that night while Daniel stayed home with the sleeping babies. It was fun to get out. It was not fun to get pulled over. But it was nice that I only got a warning. In case your curious, I was following my Tom Tom's direction to turn left when I apparently turned left onto a one way road. Yikes! I'm so thankful it was caught almost immediately and thankful for such a nice officer who let me off the hook!

Sunday, we went back to the same church we tried out last Sunday. We are REALLY enjoying this Church so far. We decided that we would try out Sunday School first and then service this time. I wasn't sure if London would make it through, since her nap time is right in the middle of it all, but we were gonna try! So, we picked a SS off of the church's little brochure. and headed to it. We walk in to a room full of people that are at least 40 years older than us. haha! It was HA.STERICAL. Apparently, we might have picked the seniors class. We didn't care though, in fact I love being around elders and listening to them share their wisdom! We really did enjoy the class and we might just go back again next Sunday. A few of the class members picked on us a little about our ages and then said "but please come back!". So I don't think its set as an actual senior class, I think it just turned out that way. haha! Anyways, after SS, we went to get Dylan out of his SS and take him to Church. But he was having a major cough attack and we couldn't find a peppermint or cough drop anywhere, so we decided it best to head out.
We had already planned to have lunch out, and decided that we would drive out a little ways into an area that we hadn't really explored yet, even though its less than 30 miles from our house. Our area is just so built up that you can 30 miles in any direction and have just tons of everything (churches, restaurants, stores ect) to choose from. Anyways, we ended up a couple of towns over and found a Zazbys!!! We were SO excited because we use to eat there all the time in MS. So forget about a nice sit down dinner somewhere... we are havin ZAZBY'S!! haha. And it was just as good as we remembered. We will be back!
Next we headed for what might just turn into our weekly Sunday tradition, yogurt at the cutest shop I have ever seen! I just can't even tell y'all how perfect this little place is. Maybe I'll do a whole post about it one day. It deserves one. I had my camera on me the whole day, but this was the only time I got it out. I was kind of impressed that Dylan didn't pick out chocolate yogurt with candy toppings (he did last time), but opted for a fruit yogurt and fruit toppings! It was a proud Mommy moment.

Hopefully everyone had a great weekend and will have fantastic week!!

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