Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Day at the Park

Down here in the South, we are NOT use to extremely low temperatures. So, last week when it was in the teens and twenties, our whole town pretty much shut down. Well, not literally, but schools were closed and everyone I know was staying home. I know Northerners probably get a good chuckle at us, but its just the way it is! :)

So, after a week of being prisoners in our own home staying in doors, the kids were about to EXPLODE if we didn't get outdoors.. FAST! Monday it was still a little chilly, but we did get out a bit. But Tuesday was BEAUTIFUL, the kids didn't even need their jackets, so we went to the park for the first time in at least a month!

To watch Dylan and London enter the Park, you would have thought it was Disney World. lol!
London LOVES to play outside with her big brother. Mainly, she just toddles behind him everywhere that he goes. And while he's climbing up int he play area, she just toddles around the area watching him. Its quite cute!
We have several parks in our area, but this is Dylan's favorite. He calls it the "wooden park" because, well... its made of wood. lol. He's creative that way. (Another park that we sometimes go to, Dylan calls "The Lost Puppy Park" because the first time we took him there, we saw what seemed to be a lost puppy! That kid is just funny!) Anyways, its built like a big ole castle and is just perfect for Dylan because he is all into Knights and Dragons and such.

They both stay so busy while we are at the park, but every now and then they stop for a breather and I can snap a couple of cute pictures! haha!

This is my Knight in action!

We usually save the swings for last, because its a good time to calm down and relax. Well, usually... when Dylan isn't too busy pretending to be spider man instead of swinging on his bottom. :)

For some reason, London was not loving the swing yesterday. I don't know why, she usually LOVES it, but she seemed a little freaked out by it. It may have been because her diaper was about to EXPLODE due to being away from the house for to long and me forgetting her diapers at home (did I really just admit that? Please don't throw stones ;p )

It was perfectly beautiful day at the park yesterday. Even if I did have to break Dylan's heart because I didn't have single cent of cash on me, only a card, and couldn't get him ice cream from the ice cream truck. No worries though, I stopped to get cash today, and will more than ready for Mr. Ice Cream Truck Man tomorrow. Yes sir!

Today we ran a few errands and have just a couple more to run. I STILL need to get to groceries store, but I have to work tonight, so we might be doing fast food and then I'll go tomorrow. I took the kids for a special treat to Burger King for lunch. Dylan LOVES to go, but we next to never do because I can't stand the food. I managed to deal with a burger today though (the things we do for our kids, huh?). London climbed up the toddler play cube and went down the slide all by herself for the first time! I was pretty proud of her.

Off to do some laundry while kids nap now!

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