Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Food for Thought.

This is my little genius. His name is Dylan, and he is only five years old. He is a lover of of sweets. And a love of his fruits and veggies.
Sometimes, he chooses something sweet for a snack.
But more often than not, my smart little guy wants a fruit or granola bars. Why you might ask? Because he is into all things healthy eating. He amazes me with his love for healthy eating. He'll tell you in a heartbeat that "Eating healthy make you big and tall!" He's learned about healthy eating from a variety of places from home to school to cartoons on Noggin! It just makes this Mommy so proud!
This morning, when Dylan saw me about to poor a glass of Diet Coke, I which I do everyday, he came running up to me and said "MOMMMY! You have GOT to learn how to drink HEALTHY drinks, like water or juice. Why don't you try one of those with your breakfast. That would be so much healthier for you!" (Except that Dyl says "Helfy") I thought about it for a second, and decided to set a good example for my little guy and listen to his advice. So, I had milk with my breakfast. Dylan was so proud of himself for helping me out, and I was just as proud of him.
Later this afternoon, I was going to have a DC, my first of the day, and Dylan reminded me to make a healthier choice. I am all about healthiness, but I had to explain to Dylan that sugary snacks and drinks aren't bad for you when you have them in moderation. Dylan was pretty happy to hear this, but then said "Okay, but you can only have ONE Mommy." haha. I said, "Well, I'll have a small one now and then the rest of it at Sonic when we go get your slushy (we go to Happy hour almost everyday)." I was surprised when he replied "NO, Mommy. JUST one. I guess we can't go to Sonic." He hardly looked sad! My sweet little guy was really okay with giving up his slushy to keep me healthy. I told him I would wait until Sonic for my DC so that we could both have a treat. And that's what we did.
My little guy, he's something special and sweet! :)
This little cutie is pretty sweet too,

Though she is not much on moderation, yet. :)

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