Monday, January 18, 2010

Coffee Dates & Lunch Dates!

This morning, we had a coffee date with my bestie, "GiGi" (thats what the kids call her). She is very sadly going to be living in Houston for the next few months. The kids and I are really gonna miss her! She will be coming down pretty regularly though, so that makes it a little better. Anyways, we had coffee with her this morning at Starbucks. She and I use to have coffee together ever Tuesday while Dylan was at school. I would bring London with me, but that was before life got too busy for both of us and London was only about 7 months (and not yet mobile!) Today though, I brought both kids with me to what I told Dylan was "a very quite grown up restaurant". I was a bit nervous that they would be too loud, causing some ugly looks to fly my way, but they were complete angels. I only had to ask them to lower there noise level a couple of times! Yay for that! Now I know I can bring them (and a handful of quite toys) with me.

After all of that fun, we had even more fun lined up with our friend, Raegan. We met her at chick-fil-a for lunch. London was a bit cranky, due to her not having her morning nap, but over all they did great. After we ate our lunches, we went to sit in the play place so both kids could play. London is just getting all sorts of brave and climbing all over every play place we go to (this is very new). So, she was climbing up a little ways in the big play place, when this little girl screams "Ohhh! She made a stinky! There is poop!", then she ran out of the play place. Raegan and I chuckled because we thought the litttle girl was just freaking out over a dirty diaper smell. So I stood up to coach London out of the play place in order to go change her diaper. Well, this being her first time IN the big play place, she didn't know how to get OUT. I decided to climb up and get her (It was only three steps into the thing, she wasn't going far at all) and much to my shock and horror, there is POOP laying on the ground! I checked London's pants and her diaper had come undone and the poop was right at the top of it and just falling out. I wanted to just go hide. lol! Raegan went to get napkins for me, but by the time she had gotten back, a worker was coming in to clean it. I guess the little girl's mom had told them (which is exactly what I would have done too!). I showed her where it was and picked the actual... "uh-ohs" up myself, apologized a million times to all the parents and the worker. Everyone was really nice about it and told me "it just happens sometimes." The little girl's mom came and got her other kids though and was a little snooty with a "We're going to park." comment. Oh well. You can't please them all. *On a side note: I would have been grossed out enough to have left also, but think I would have done it a little more politely. It's not like my 5 year old had gone up the and pooped. It was an accident that got picked up quickly and before any one got messy (thank the Lord!)

As for the rest of the day, we have just been hanging out. I did just tiny bit of laundry, but other than that, I have not been very productive. Its okay though because its Monday, right? Plus, I've been busy playing with this cutey and her sweet brother!

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  1. I loooooove coffee "play dates." I need to schedule another one. Thanks for reminding me!