Thursday, January 21, 2010

Its Okay Kids, I've Just Lost My Mind

I am not a forgetful person.
I pay attention to small details.
I rarely miss place things.
I keep things in my calender,
but only look at it at the first of the week,
memorizing the rest.
This is how I am,
But not lately,
for some reason.
Not sure whats going on,
but I think I'm LOSING my mind.
I keep miss placing things.
Like a lot of things,
in the past week.
Daniel is getting a kick out of it all.
Because I'm usually fussing at him for things like this.
Not that I ever fuss at my sweet hubby.
Anyways, back to my mind.
And how I'm losing it.
Dylan was the special helper
at school today.
This is very exciting to him.
It also means that he has to bring the snack.
The teachers tell the parents
what to bring.
He was to bring SOY butter
and apple slices.
I obviously had to buy them
at the store,
which I was at yesterday
without even THINKING about the snack.
So this morning
I left my house 45 min early
to go get the snacks at the store.
Because I had forgotten yesterday,
which I (almost) never do.
Then, I couldn't work
the stupid self check out machine.
Dylan ends up late for school.
Last week I got a note from Dylan's school.
They were letting us parent know
about Pajama day on Thursday of this week.
I really had it in my head that it was Thursday
of next week.
I got Dylan to school this morning,
15 minutes late
(I usually don't do late)
only to walk in and see
kids in their pajama's.
Because pj day was TODAY
not next week.
Dylan looked at me with eyes so wide,
that I thought they might pop out.
So, I dropped him off in his classroom
and left him as the only child not in pjs
so that I could run back to our house
and get him some pjs to wear,
bring them back to him,
change him,
get locked out of the building his class was in,
find someone to help me back in,
only to find that his class had changed locations,
which I couldn't find,
finally find the location
and twenty minutes later,
go home.
An hour and half later
than I normally get home
and half an hour
past London's nap time.
This is just a glimpse
of what it has been looking like
here at the Hilburn House
while Mommy is losing her mind.
Its okay kids, I'll be fine!
*PS. I am NOT pregnant. Really just loosing it. :/
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