Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Daddy Lunch Dates

Yesterday, the kids and I needed to head over to my moms to help her do some household chores that she still can't do since her spinal surgery. They always get very excited to see her, and it had been a little more than a week, so they were ready! To make the day even better, we stopped by Daniel's office and picked him up for lunch. It was a real treat to get to see him in the middle of the day. I remember when we lived 5 min from his office, and he came home really often for lunch... those were the good ole days.

Since we were going to see Daddy, London had to rock this little outfit. I love it and she's only worn it once, so I was pretty much giddy to put it on her again.

I didn't tell the kids that we were going to see Daniel OR that we were going to chickfila until we were almost there. They were SO excited! As soon as we pulled into his office parking lot, London started screaming "Daddy, Daddy!" and just giggling.

We always sit by the glass so that Dylan can play while Daniel and I keep London out in the dining room and visit, but these days little Missy wants to be in on all the fun and play with her big brother. She is not at all big enough to go play by herself yet, so we have to go sit in the stinky-feet-smelling fun play area now. haha! Its a lot louder in there, so talking isn't quite as nice, but its a lot of fun for the kids.

Dylan wasn't much bigger than London is now when we first moved to TX and we would bring him here all the time to play and eat. Its so funny to see London starting to play too. She climbed all the way to the top of the steps into the playplace and was about to head in when Daniel decided that he didn't think she was ready/old enough to do this alone. She would not have taken "come down, please" for an answer at this point, so Wonder Daddy climbed up into the playplace and went through it with her. He just wanted to make sure she would know how to get around in there. How cute is that!?

Yep, he even went down the slide with her! He did the same for Dylan, by the way! He's the best Daddy!

And he's a pretty great hubby too. :)
Today has been pretty uneventful. Daniel took the car into work and also the SUV keys with him this morning. So before I could take Dylan to school (the spare set was lost last year, I think), Daniel had to drive the 30 min back to our house and give me the keys. Dylan was 45 min late for school. Oh well, thank the Lord we all got to where we were going safely!
I've pretty much been cleaning today. I've started my spring cleaning early. Tomorrow, I tackle toys and Thursday my closet! Lord help me! :)

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