Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy Twenty Ten!

So this is my first post of the New Year!! And also my first post in weeks. Sorry about that. I going to do better. That's a promise. I know, I've said that twice now, I think, maybe more. But its true(ish) this time. :)

Not a lot of new to report as for our family this New Year. We do have some exciting thing on the horizon, but I'm not quite ready to spill the beans on those yet. Its NOT baby number three, I will say that!

Trying to recap a big chunk of time (like since the last time I blogged) is just stressful to me, so lets just start afresh, okay?

This past weekend I had to work both days and long, gross shifts. I think its about time for me to think of leaving my little part time job. It really use to be a source of fun and little extra cash for shopping, but its becoming more of a stress and I would quite frankly rather not shop (GASP!). I plan to make up my mind in the next few weeks.

Saturday morning, I was able to spend some much needed time with he family before heading of to work. We often hang out in London's bedroom for one reason or another, and thats what we did on Saturday morning. We just hung out, played with kids, laughed and talked. It was perfect. I love my little family so much! I (of course) had my camera near by. I started snapping some photos, but then in a strange twist of events, I ended up in front of the camera and Daniel behind! haha! I'm not so good in front of it, but that's okay! I may have actually ASKED him to snap a few shots! haha! I would say he's pretty good, no? Ugh. He's good at EVERYTHING he picks up. He's just one of those people. Once, he picked up a harmonica, which he had never played one of before, and with in 10 min was playing a little song (I can't remember which one.. but it maybe Twinkle Twinkle?), and that's a true story. I could list several examples like that. He's just gifted at a lot of things, I guess. I hope our children picked that up from his gene pool! haha! Its one of the millions of reasons I love him. :)

Here's his handy work:

Okay, well this one is mine, but I just love these two boys so much:

Monday was pretty much just a throw away day. I had planned to catch up on house work, but I didn't. I really didn't do much other than play with children and hang out. I had an AWFUL headache, to my defence. And also to my defence, I've been doing house work all morning.

Along with catching up on housework, I plan to take Dylan and London to the park this afternoon and we have to get groceries. Sounds like an intriguing day, huh? :)
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