Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekend Recap!

We spent the morning being a bit lazy (SOOO nice), then got moving and went to McKinney to have lunch with my Mom. We hadn't gotten to see her for over a week, so we were VERY excited to get the chance! We ate at a new family favorite ,The Pantry. Then, we walked across the street to the cutest little old timey candy store, Mom and Pops, and got just one lots of yummy treats. They have the most amazing homemade fudge. Daniel got penut butter and chocolate, I had capacino, and my mom got strawberry chocolate. She forgot to get her fudge out of our bag, so we accidently took it home with us Darn It!. And every single one of those flavors were ah.may.zing.
On the way out, I had to snap a few pics of my preciouses.

When we were done with that, we ran a few errands with my mom (she needed help with groceries since she still can't lift much from her spinal surgery). We came back to her house for just a bit, but we had to jet pretty quickly due to my extremely pesky job having to work a little three hour shift at Gymboree.

Has been extra extra fabulous. We tried out a new church this morning and really liked it. We really enjoy our current church, but its so big that its hard to make a personal connection to it. We have done a small class and I have volunteered in the nursery, in part to plug in, and it helped a little, but we just don't feel like we are for sure at home. Does that make since? We do love the church, and we LOVE the pastor, I just which we could shrink it down.Just to give you an idea of what I mean, we've been there for over two years and have almost never seen the same faces twice, and almost our whole street of neighbors attend this church, and we have only seen two of them... each once! Its just huge. Anyways, we really like the church we tried today.
We are going to try it again next Sunday. Its JUST the right size for us, and everyone was so nice and friendly!
After church, we had lunch at Subway, then walked down the sidewalk to a new little shop called Yogurt Story. It was so yum. I won't even start to tell you how great it is, because I'll just ramble for days, but we will be regulars there I bet!
Then we had some grocery shopping to get done. I always like when Daniel goes with me, so it was nice that he could. We headed home thinking that London would take a nap after all of that, but she disagreed. She fell asleep for about 10 minutes on the way home and refused to go back to sleep when we tried to move her to her bed. But her mood was fine, so that was okay.
Since nap time was a flop, we decided to hit the park. Today was just BEAUTIFUL and such nice weather. The kids so enjoyed themselves. AND to make it even better, the ice cream truck came by and I was prepared!! I redeemed myself from his last visit!! hahaha!

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