Monday, February 24, 2014

Trick or Treat

I love the kids to coordinate for Halloween. I don't know how many more years that I'll get away with it, so I'm soaking it up while I can. In the past Dylan picked what he wanted to be and London would dress up as his side kick. But this year Sister had some ideas and opinions of her own. So after much, much debate and several trips to the costume store, they settled on a mad scientest and his little monster. I wanted her to be frankenstein, but she didn't like that idea.  

Before going trick-or-treating each kiddo got to wear their costumes to school. And I got to run frantically between the two schools to have lunch with both of them (even though their lunch overlap with each other by 15 minutes.) 

First up, London's school. Her class had a special pizza party for lunch with lots of yummy treats for dessert. 

Next  I ran to Dylan's school. His school did a cool "fear factor" where they gave the kids some crazy (and healthy) foods to try. 

After that, the kids got to go into the gym for a skate/dance party. How fun is that!?

That evening we got together with a whole bunch of our friends for a block party to kick of trick or treating. This is my favorite Halloween tradition. Perfect fall weather, good friends, good food, kids running around laughing and playing, music, dancing and cakewalks. It was literally picture perfect. 

I am obsessed with this picture of Dylan, the mad scientest. 

My favorite boys. 

And my precious family (excuse my crazy hair). 

We left the party to go back to our neighborhood so that we could trick or treat there. 

We walked around with our neighborhood friends and had the best time. We even got snow cones at one house!  

Last year London tired out half way into the night. This year she was running at full speed and keeping up with the big kids the entire night. Infact it was Dylan who called it quits first. 

I'll forever cherish nights like this one. 

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