Thursday, February 6, 2014

London started PreK this year. She was so excited to get back into school. She loves it! And she was very excited to be one of the  "big kids", since PreK is the highest level at her little school. 

Grammy made her the cutest outfit. 

Dylan was already at school for the day, so to his dismay he didn't get to walk her in with us. He is such a good big brother. But Daniel and I were both able to walk her in and get her settled into her new classroom. She goes to a small preschool and this is her second year there so she knows every teacher and almost every kid. This makes her feel very confident in the fact that she "owns the joint," as one teacher put it. She walked in with a skip in her step and a huge smile on her face and greeted everyone by name. 

Once we got to her classroom, she got a just a little bit quiet. She does this when she feels overwhelmed. Even though she knew all the kids, it was a new grouping than she had last year, and a new classroom. It didn't take long for her to warm up and start beaming again though. 

When I picked her up she said she had the best day! 

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