Friday, February 7, 2014

London's 5th Birthday

My little princess is five years old now. 

Her class went on a field trip on her actual birthday, so I took cupcakes to her school the day before. 
Picking out the cupcakes was a funny experience. She looked at every single cupcake in the bakery's book at least three times. Then she changed her mind about which ones to get about ten times. Apparently having the perfect birthday cupcakes is a big deal. I can only imagine her trying to pick out a wedding cake one day! She finally settled on these precious princess cupcakes, though she was worried that the boys in her class wouldn't like them. 

I got Dylan out of school early so that he could celebrate with her. She was so excited to see him! After we had cupcakes, Dylan was able to go outside and play with London and all her friend at recess. All the little kids thought he was the coolest dude ever. He had them all organized in a game of tag. London has asked several times since then if Dylan can come back and play with her at school. 

 On her special day the birthday girl woke up to balloons all over her room (I totally forgot to take a picture!) and her breakfast of choice, muffins. 

She had a field trip that day (lots more pictures to come) and since it was her birthday, Grammy decided to come and spend the day with us!

After school Dylan decorated a cake for London. 

And when Daniel got home we celebrated with cake and presents. 

We even had a little impromptu food fight! 

London was so excited to turn five, I think more excited than she has been about any other birthday. She's not a toddler any more.. she's a big girl! She fills our hearts with joy (and my head with grey hairs) everyday! 
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