Thursday, February 6, 2014

3rd Grade

My baby boy is in 3rd grade.

He's a pro at  the "1st day of school" gig now. 
There are no more nervous jitters, just lots of excitement.
And this year there was A LOT of excitement because now that he's in third grade, he gets to "fiiiiiiinally" go the classrooms upstairs.  He's been talking about being in the "upstairs classes" since kindergarten (which seems like last week). 

Following tradition, we had a special pancake breakfast to celebrate the first day.


Then we all headed to school to drop Dylan off for his big day... up the stairs!

This may have been the hardest "1st day" yet for me. 
I always hold his hand once we get inside the school until we get to his classroom. I have done this every year since he was two (just like Daniel has walked him into the school every year). This year though, once we were half way up the ramp leading to his hallway, I felt Dylan's hand start to twitch. I thought maybe he was a bit nervous, so I held on a little tighter and gave him a squeeze. He squeezes my hand back, smiles, and then pulls his hand out of mine. I say to him "do you not want me to hold your hand?" and he says "No, momma, its fine." I swear it took everything I had to not burst into tears in that moment. 

Once we were to his room, he quickly put his stuff away, posed for a few quick pictures and then was ready to get the day started (and for us to leave). The days of long, draw out first-day-good-byes are apparently behind him. I'm proud of him for being so mature and sad for him not needing me all at the same time. Motherhood is so bitter-sweet at times (much sweeter than bitter though).

London has always hated Dylan's first day of school because it means her playmate is gone to school all day. So to help make the day better for her (and maybe for us too) Daniel and I have taken her to the park right after we drop Dylan off, every year since Kindergarten. This was our last year to be able to do this because next year she starts kindergarten. My eyes are already burning with tears just thinking about that. 

Dylan had a great first day and is loving 3rd grade! 
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