Thursday, February 6, 2014

Dylan's 9th Birthday

Birthdays are a big, big deal when you're a kid in our family. Its a day packed full of traditions and special treats. We always start the day off with the special breakfast of the birthday kid's choice. Dylan asked for cheese waffles. It's not as gross as it sounds. You just put cheese on a plain waffle (no syrup) and it becomes a savory breakfast rather than a sweet one. Its one of Dylan's favorite things. 

Daniel and I went and had lunch with our special birthday boy. We brought him taco bell, per his request. He is obsessed with their spicy dorito tacos. 

After lunch Daniel and I went home to bake a cake and wrap gifts before coming back up to the school to have cupcakes with Dylan's class.

Then ran to get London out of school a bit early so she could decorate Dylan's cake before his school let out.  This is my favorite of all traditions, I think. They each decorate a cake for the other one's birthday. They take such pride in decorating their cakes. 

 I try very, very hard to not help and to let them do their own thing. That's not an easy thing! 

I think London did an excellent job decorating Dylan's cake this year! 
It said "Dylan" and then she drew a picture of him, her, and a balloon. 

Dylan loved it! 

Grammy and his best buddy, Hutch came over to celebrate and have cake with us. 

What Dylan wanted to do most on his birthday was play wall ball. Its his favorite game to play.  

Another fun thing we do is fill the birthday kid's room up with balloons. They love waking up to a ball pit of balloons in their floor. And those darn things last for weeks. 

When we tucked him in that night Dylan said that this was his best birthday ever! 
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