Thursday, February 6, 2014

My Nine Year Old

Joseph Dylan,
You are nine years old. 

I know I say this every year, but it really does feel like just yesterday that I was meeting you for the first time. On that day you inspired me to want to be my best and you still inspire me every day. 

You are kind, smart, and funny!

I can not tell you how many times others have told me what a great kid you are, how sweet you are, what a good heart you have, etc. And its all true. You have the kindest heart of anyone I know. 

You work hard to make good grades and to be the best student possible. Having straight A's is important to you and you have the work ethic to back up that goal. 

And you make us laugh all the time! You've really become quite the jokester this year. 
You've  really blossomed into a very outgoing and fun kid. 

Ever since your third birthday you've chosen a new favorite color for the year.
That will always make me smile. 
 This year you have picked green. 

You've developed quite the love for sports. You want to be playing them, watching them or talking about them at pretty much all times. Your favorite sport to play is soccer and your favorite sport to watch is football (especially LSU). You are constantly organizing a game of something with your friends both at school and in the neighborhood. 

You still love to create stories. You use to act them out all the time, but now you mostly write and draw your stories. I'm so glad that you are still expressing creativity as you get older, and I love watching your talent for it mature with you. 

You are such a great kid, Dylan, and I thank God everyday for letting me be your mom.
 I love you to the moon and back a billion times. 
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