Thursday, February 6, 2014

Dylan's Sports Party

This year Dylan has developed a deep love of sports. He talks about them, watches them, and plays them all the time. So when it was time to plan his party there was question what the theme should be.. sport

We had the party at a local gym and training facility. They had coaches that played games with the kids. We've done his party at a park for the past three years (because that's what he wanted) and I have to say, it is so much more relaxing when other adults are running the party for you! I was able to take pictures, watch the kids play, and even visit with the moms that were there! 

(Sorry for the lack of pictures showing the actual party. I try to not put pictures of other peoples kids on my blog.)

He had around 15 boy come and they had the best time! Boys are very easy to please. Throw them a ball and then feed them and they are the happiest people on earth. 

I tried to keep the party kind of low key and simple. To be honest I thought I might have kept it too simple, but at the end of the party Dylan went on and on about how great everything was. Lesson learned for this momma. 

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Happy Birthday, Brother, we love you! 

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