Tuesday, February 25, 2014

School Christmas Program and Parties

Christmas pageants and programs are on of my favorite things ever. And this year London Lou had got to sing a little trio with two of her best friends. It was the cutest thing I've ever seen. She was not shy and she sang beautifully!  

There was even a special guest in attendance. 

Next up Christmas parties (sorry, I couldn't thing of a good segway). 

Grammy made this adorable outfit for London and 3 of her friends. They were the cutest thing ever in their matching outfits. I wish I could share a picture but I try to not post picture of other peoples kids on here. 

Preschool parties are pretty low key. They always have pizza and special dessert. I appreciate how easy going London's school is about parties. There is so much stuff going on during the holidays that its nice to keep is simple and not make a big fuss. The kids love it too. 

Dylan's school only has two parties each year, Christmas and end of the year. So for those two parties we go pretty big. We always have some sort of fun food, a game or two and a craft. I'm the room mom for his classroom again this year (I have been his room mom since he was in preschool) so I got to plan the plan the party. I made Santa pancakes for his class and then we had a breakfast buffet. 

Another mom supplied the craft. They made really cute picture frames. 

To top of an already fun day, Dylan was named Good Citizen for that 9 weeks! Good Citizen is basically a Teacher's recognition and award for being a good student and peer. 
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