Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ice Ice Baby

We had the craziest ice storm in December. We got about 3 inches of pure ice and it last for DAYS. It looked like snow but it was really ice. On the first day the kids desperately wanted to go play in it. They didn't believe me when I said it wasn't snow. So we bundled them up and sent them out. 

At first they thought it was great. Then they tried make snow angels and snow balls and figured out what I meant when I said it wasn't snow. Turns out ice balls hurt and you have to work really hard to get an ice angel. 

But ice is good for sliding around on! 

 They lasted for about 10 minutes before deciding it was time to go sit inside by the fire. 

Again, this lasted for days because the temperature wouldn't get above freezing. In those 5 days, we baked every thing in the pantry. We made brownies, cookies, fudge, and cake. We showered just to change into a new pair of pajamas. We played lots of board games and watched tons of movies. It was kind of nice to be stuck inside doing nothing for a few days.

 By day four I was ready to bust out of there. Luckily my friend and next door neighbor is from the North and knows how to drive in that white stuff that causes us southerner's to be housebound and she volunteered to take me and the kids out for lunch and quick trip to walmart. That was just the boost we needed to get us through the rest of the "storm". 

We survived icepocalyspe 2013, and we even enjoyed most of it!  

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