Saturday, July 14, 2012


Happy Friday!

Is been a long, fun week.
Daniel was off work on Monday but has not gotten home from work any earlier than 11:00 every night this week. This makes for a long week for all of us. But we did a lot of fun things and it was a good one overall.

Today Daniel didn't leave for work until 8:30 so that he could hang out with the kids.
Once he left, the kids and I took our time getting ready for the day.
London wanted me to paint her nails. I was sort of impressed because usually she wants whatever color I have on, but today she wanted to pick her own colors. She went with lime green and hot pink. So fun for summer!

We had lunch with a girl-friend of mine, whom I've been friends with since the 7th grade. She's about to have her first baby and it was so fun seeing her pregnant. She'll be a great mommy :)

After lunch I took the kids to Bonkers, this HUGE jungle gym  play place.
It was on their summer to do list.
When we lived in Lewisville, before London was born, we used to take Dylan there all the time.
We would go in the evenings when there was hardly anyone there and Daniel and I would climb all over with him. He loved it. I always think I should take the kids, but its sort of out of our way and we just never get around to it. We went once when London was a tiny tot, but I think that's it since we moved (over 4 years ago!). Dylan was so excited to go back. He remembered it well. London had no memory of it and was just excited because Dylan was.
 (you can look back at our last visit here if ya want)

Dylan was all over the place with excitement. London was very unsure of it all.
She kept asking where the little kid section was.
I went up with them until London was more comfortable.
Then I sat and watched them for a bit.
They do have a toddler area, but London didn't want much to do with it because it was "Three and under" and Dylan couldn't play with her in there.
It was so lound and crowded that I was pretty sure that I would actually be bonkers by the time we left.
We only stayed about an hour. My nerves couldn't handle any longer.
But it was a fun hour (for the kids anyways)!


On our way home the kids decided they wanted to spend the night with my mom. I love having her live so close to us and that we are a such a tight knit family! I dropped them off and then had a little shopping time at Target. I planned to come home and super clean my house, but I got distracted looking at bookbags. For real ya'll, it is crazy how much time I'v put into the search for the cutest bag. I think I found Dylan's. I'm still on the hung for London's.

Cheers to the Weekend!
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  1. We have a few indoor play places as well and they are wonderful.
    My parents and sister live about 10 minutes away and I love having them so close. I love that we are able to see my parents just about everyday.