Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Like I said yesterday, my goal is to blog every single day this week. The point is to record an average day and not just catch the highlights of life. This is really for my "journal" and most likley not interesting to anyone else, so feel free to ignore :)


Monday, the kids and I all slept in.
My kids rarely sleep past 7:30, so 8:00am is considered sleeping in around here.
I think it was 8:30 though, which is like the jack pot! :)

We hit the ground running because we had a play date that morning and we also had to take pick Daniel up from the car repair shop. We ended up being a tad bit early for our play date, so I laid out our picnic blanket and handed the kids their books. Dylan really, really struggled with books and reading and then in the middle of first grade something clicked and now he's reading like a champ and loves books. I can't even tell you what sort of joy this puts in my heart!  London loves "reading" her books too. She has a few books that she has memorized and she will quote each page as she flips through the book. Others she either just looks at the pictures or makes up a story of her own. I'm crazy about the next couple of pictures.

Once our friends showed up, books were down and kids were flying threw sprinklers.
Both of them had friends their to play with and they all had the best time.


We have 40% chance of rain almost everyday this week. While we were there it started sprinkling. The kids had played for a while, so we packed it in and headed to lunch. After lunch I took Dylan to get his hair cut. He got a cut totally different than his usual. I like it a lot, except that it makes him look so much older. I can't believe it but I totally forgot to take pictures.

Daniel called and asked me to come get him to pick his car up so that he could take it to another mechanic. He wanted a second opinion. By the time we were done with that it was about 2:00. I put the kids down for a nap and laid down to take one myself. What is better than a nap in the middle of the day, especially on a hot summer's day! The splash pad must have worn them out because they didn't stir until about 4:30.

I took them outside to play with sidewalk chalk, since the weather was nice and "cool" at about 90 degrees.
Poor Daisy even got colored with chalk. 
We didn't last too long outside because as it turns out, 90 degrees is not very cool.
My mom came over and cooked us dinner because 1.she is awesome and 2.we had missed Sunday dinner the night before.

Right before she arrived, we heard back from the second mechanic that the repairs on our car would cost just shy of $1,000 dollars. If that doesn't slap you with a bad mood stick, I don't know what would.  I tried really, really hard to shake my terrible mood because in the end there wasn't anything we can do about the repairs other than fix them. "No use crying over spilled milk" is what my daddy would say.

We had a delicious dinner and then a great visit with my mom.
When she left, London and I walked her out and noticed that there were TONS of grasshoppers in our flowerbed. I caught one for London and she went crazy over it. Giggles everywhere. We must have spent at least half an hour out there catching grasshoppers. The boys even came out to enjoy them for a bit.
Its the little things that make kids happy.


After all that fun with our hopper friends, we got kids ready for bed and let them watch a few more cartoons.
Daniel and I laid on the couch the rest of the night.

And that was our Monday.

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