Tuesday, July 10, 2012


When I woke up this morning, I didn't feel to terribly well.
Luckily, Daniel's car wasn't done being repaired so he was still home.
So I went back to bed and didn't get up until almost noon!
I can't even remember the last time I slept in for that long. It was amazing and I woke up feeling much, much better.

As soon as I was up we were out the door to pick up Daniel's car.
Then the kids and I went to our friends house to swim.
I sat at the edge of the pool for a bit and watch in awe.
I can not believe both of my babies swim independently without floaties!
The last time I was able to sit outside the pool and just watch was the summer before I had London and Dylan had just started swimming really well.
I can't believe this is the phase of life that we are in.
London is the same age now as Dylan was when I was pregnant with her.
They are both so independent and both so much fun.
I say to them almost everyday, "I'm SO lucky to get to be your Mommy"
and I hope that they know that I really, really mean that.


After swimming for long while, we ran home just long enough to get dressed and then headed to our library.
Dylan and several of his friends took a class on how to draw cartoons.
Dylan did a great job. He's so creative, so I knew this would be right up his alley. I would love to find a real art class to put him in.

London and all the other little siblings playing in kids area. London spent 80% of her time there playing with the puppets, 10% on the computer and the rest with our little baby friend.

We came home and had dinner. I cooked tacos, per Dylan's request.
I always give myself a little pat on the back when I cook a full meal while Daniel is working late.
Its just so tempting to say "oh, its just the kids and I... I'll order something in or throw together a sandwich."
Surely I'm not the only mom who's like this?

After dinner we went out and enjoyed a perfect summer evening with our neighbor-friends. We played outside for about and hour and then cam in and got ready for bed. Dylan asked me to cuddle them on the coach, so I put a movie on and did just that. Here's another bad-mom-confession. I'm not the best at sitting with the kids to watch a cartoon or movie. I'm so bad about turning on the movie, cuddling for a few minutes, and then sneaking my laptop out and "sitting" with them while they finish the movie. But tonight, I made a conscious decision to stay present with my babies and cuddle them, rubbing their backs, twirling their hair and giggling along with them.  I'm so glad that I did. All the sweet cuddles were worth more than anything else I could have been doing.

Both kids are asleep on the couch,  my talk shows on playing in the background, and I'm catching up on everything on the net right now. Pretty fabulous.

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