Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Week with the Hilburns

Every now and then I get a wild hair to log onto this little space of mine and reminisce.
While I love that I've document most of the "high points" (and even some of the low) of the year, I wish I had written more of the day to day. I feel like its the little things that make up your daily routine that are easy to forgot but also essential for remember what a particular phase in life was like.  
So I'm making it my goal this week to document each day.
I've never done this because there usually isn't much to say,
but I think I'll appreciate it a year or two from now.

Without further ado.


Our usual Sundays involve church, lunch with friends and dinner with my mom.
This Sunday involved none of the above, so I'm not sure its an accurate picture of what "daily life" is like, but it sort of is what our Summer Sundays have been looking like.

We played hooky from church this morning for two reasons. The main being that our pastor is out for the month and guest speakers are never my favorite thing. The other being that yesterday it seemed like we didn't get in very much quality family time. In lieu of church, we spent the mornings at the theater. This is probably Daniel's favorite thing to do as a family. Its probably my least favorite. I do like watching movies, but I hate that it never cost less than $40 dollars for us to go. I'd much rather wait for the movie to come out and spend $20 bucks to buy it and pocket the rest, especially because the kids almost always want to watch it again once it comes out on DVD. Lord knows I'm not against spending money, but for some reason the movie theater seems like a waist to me. Sadly, I loose this battle because my kids share Daniel's love and it turns out to be 3 against 1. And sometime's a pretend our house is a democracy and that I'm not the dictator.

After the movie, we grabbed lunch at Freddie's Frozen Custard. Burgers and custard... what better lunch on a summer day?

We came home and had quiet time while I napped and kids read their books for about 30 minutes. The rest of the afternoon was super laid back. Dylan spent most of the time playing pretend super hero and London rotated between that, cartoons, and coloring with me. Dylan also worked on the book he is writing.

We didn't go to my moms tonight, so I cooked an easy dinner.
Then we spent the rest of the evening playing games.
Family game nights make my heart smile.

 The memories I have of game nights with Papa John's pizza are some of my most cherished. I have always dreamed of nights of game after game with my own family, even as a kid. It makes me plain giddy that my kids are both at an age that they enjoy games. I hope this is something that our family never outgrows.


We let the kids watch a movie while I sat outside with sweet neighbor-friend and enjoyed  girl talk and a  beautiful summer night.

Today has been the perfect end to a great week. 

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