Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Sweet Love Bugs

Two pieces of my heart are in Mississippi this week.
They are there spending time with their grandparents and great grandparents. Its important to Daniel and I that they have close relationships with all of their grandparents. We want their childhood memories to be filled with summers and holidays in Mississippi on the lake and in the country.
It was so hard for me to send them. There is nothing I love more than having my babies at home with me. I'm a control freak and even though I trust my mother in law and grandmother-in-law with my whole heart (literally because my kids are my heart), its hard for me to hand them the reigns and give complete control to them.
I know that they are in great hands. I know that they are being loved on and doted on all over. They are having the best time. I'm so glad they get this time together with people who love them so much.
And I  can.not.wait. to get my arms around them this weekend!

In the mean time, I've been meaning to post a few things that I want to remember about these two sweet things this summer.

This summer London has been the sweetest little thing. This is especially appreciated as we have been emerging out of the "terrible toddler" phase over the past year. Not that she was truly terrible, but those toddler years have very trying moments in them for every child (or at least both of my children) and while I'm sad to see how quickly she is growing, I'm happy to be waving good by to toddler tantrums. Just like her big brother, she is happy 95% of the day. Lately she has seemed especially grateful anytime we do something that she likes. For example, I'll take them swimming (which we do almost every day) and she'll say "Thank you for bringing us swimming, Mommy! Your the BEST!" or the other day when I let them get slushy at Sonic, which is treat but not a huge deal, she went on and on about how much she loved it and "Thank you so much!" I love her little attitude of gratitude. 

Mr. Dylan...
Oh this boy just makes my heart so happy. He's almost always happy and has the sweetest spirit. The other day I told him how handsome he was and he said "I know. I'm a good looking dude."
 I almost died with laughter.

He's grown to be quite independent and prefers to have good deal of time to himself during the day. I worry sometimes about whether or not I'm spending enough real quality time with him. Sometimes I'll say "you want do hang out with me?" and usually he says yes but every now and then he says "No thanks, I'm playing my game."  Playing a game equates to acting out, or pretending, to a story that he has made up. He is the most creative little person. He enjoys filling his down time with pretend play, writing and drawing (he's been working on a book), and video games. He would play video games if I would let him.  But on the same hand, lately he has been super into wanting to bring a friend with us everywhere we go. If we go to lunch, he ask "Who can go with" and the same for the pool or park or bike ride or anything else we do. He and London have also been playing together really well this summer.

London would play with Dylan all day long if it were up to her.
Like I said though, Dylan prefers a little time to himself throughout the day.
London has recently discovered that she can cash in on his desire for solidarity.
Whenever she has something that she wants him to do, she'll say "If you don't I wont let you play yourself tomorrow!" or "If you ______ I'll let you play by yourself for __ days (anywhere from 1-60!)"
I think its hysterical.
The other day she tried this method out on me.
She asked me to do something and then said
"Please! I wont ask you any questions for 3 days!"
I looked at her laughing and said "I don't mind if you ask me questions, ever!"
She giggled and said "Oh! Yeh!"
I'm not sure why she thought that was leverage with me, but it tickled me none the less.

Dylan is quite the comedian, which makes me extra happy because there is nothing I love more than the sound of my babies' laughs. He likes to tell jokes, like the other day he asked "Why do the planets like to hang around the sun? Because they he's hot!" and then he just giggles and giggles with delight. Along with telling jokes he just says the funnies things. I'm kicking myself because I can't think of specific things at his very (late at night) moment. I'll come back and do a post with just funny things that he says sometime soon though, because he is a hoot to be around. He has become such a cool kid. 
I tell them every single day that I love being their mommy. 
I truly do love it.
I thank God daily for allowing me to be.
The other night I said to both of them, "I'm so glad that I get to be your Mommy. You guys are the best"
and they both said back to me "I'm so glad to be your kid."
And that is what its all about.

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