Sunday, July 1, 2012

This Week's Hapenings

This evening we are wrapping up what was a pretty perfect Summer week.
At this moment, the kids are laughing and playing together in playroom, Daniel is on the other side of the couch saving the world (or at least the world inside his video game) and I'm cuddled up under my favorite quilt. Life is good.

On Monday Dylan started basket ball camp.
He had the best time and came home with not one but THREE ribbons.
His first year, when was just entering kindergarten, he didn't get a single ribbon all week.
I remember being so sad for him, and even wanting to go buy him a ribbon and somehow pass it off as a ligit one. I was thinking of saying something like "Oh, Buddy! Coach called and said he meant to give you this. I went the school and picked it up for you. He was so sorry to have forgot to give it to you in front of everyone." I know. I know. Don't judge me. Its hard to watch your little ones stumble over growing pains. And not to worry, I listened to my sensibility, aka my husband, and did not buy a fake ribbon.

The next year he got 2nd place in dribble tag! And he got a special sportsmanship ribbon because he blew the coach away with what a great sport and team player he was. I think he had helped someone on the other team who had fallen during the competition, or something like that.

And this year... 3 ribbons!
He gets better and better every year.
He's also such a good sport. On the first day of camp he came home with a 4th place ribbon.
He said he was excited but also sad for his little friend who was tied for 4th but lost it in a  tie breaker match.
Dylan said "I just remember how sad it feels to not get a ribbon."
My sweet, sweet boy.
He makes my heart SO happy.

During the week we hung out with friends.
Went swimming almost everyday.
Went to the water park with friends for what I thought would be a couple of hours
but ended up being most of the day.
Relaxed and just enjoyed summer.

One thing I've been doing with the kids is having them read 20 minutes a day.
With pre-vbs and then VBS week followed directly by basket ball camp, we have not been completely constant, but we are trying! My goal is to help Dylan jump up a level in his AR at school during the summer and to have London learn to sit still and look and listen to books for at least 20 minutes (which she's getting great at). I'm using a reading bingo sheet that I found online to encourage this. I'll have to do a whole post about it, because its really great, but basically its a bingo grid with different places/ways for the kids to read for 20 minutes.
Example: In the bath tub:

After completing a task, they put a star on their square.
When they fill up five squares in a row, its a bingo!
With a each bingo comes a treat.

Dylan got a big kick out of reading in the tub.
And both kids got to Bingo this week.
I gave them each the option of:
1.Staying up to midnight 
                       2. Buying a small treat of their choosing.
                                 3. Unlimited screen time for the rest of the day. 
                                                      This means TV, Computers, Games (anything with a screen)

Dylan chose Unlimited screen time and I threw in a little bonus of staying up a little late. 
London chose buying something and picked Hungry Hungry Hippos, 
which she saw and wanted at our last trip to Target. 

*I  did take pictures of kids playing the game, but Dylan was in his boxers 
(which I didn't think about while snapping away) so they can't be shared. lol!

We're also working on checking things off our bucket list.
"Get a surprise from Mommy" was one of the list items.
I wasn't sure what this was going to be.
Then I got a wild hair of an idea.
A fort in the living room!
My parent use to make these for me all the time. I have the best memories of it.
I can't believe I've never thought to make one for my kids before, but I'm so glad I did!
They LOVED it.


And everything is more fun in a fort.
Reading, playing board games, and even sleeping.
The kids and I played and read books in there for at least an hour and a half,
and they lasted even longer.
They even slept in it!
 Saturday we went to lunch at chickfila, which is a Saturday favorite around here.
The kids went and played at my moms house while Daniel and I went to look at flooring (more on that later) and got his hair cut.

We played hooky from church today and had a family day instead.
I plan to have a special devotion tonight to (sort of) make up for it.
I do feel guilty when we miss. But we had a great day at the water park.
We didn't go to our usual one, but took a little trip to one we've never visited before.
We had the best day hanging out and just being together.

We decided to be super laid back with dinner and eat sort of a hodgepodge of things. We had some leftovers and I offered the kids that or a sandwich. London chose PB&J. While I was making it, Daniel decided he would have one also. I don't know why it tickled me so much, but it really did. I thought it was so cute to see him have a PB&J and a pudding cup with the kids. 

We have another fun week ahead, with 4th of July just a couple days away.
Happy weekend!

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