Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Weekend Fun.. NEver Taken For Granted Again.

This weekend started out perfectly.

We were not expecting for Daniel to have the weekend off, but much to our delight, he had not just one but both days off.

We kicked off a beautiful weekend with a picnic at our favorite splash park.

It was pure delight. Food served picnic style always taste better, don't you think?
After we ate, we let the kids run through the water park while Daniel and I laid on the blanket reading, talking, and just taking in the beauty of our lives.

I think there is nothing sweeter than the sound of shrieks of joy that come with my babies running, laughing, and playing!

I brought watermelon as a fun treat.

I think it was a big hit....
But as much fun as it was eating it...

It was even more fun to food fight with!

Daniel is to thank for that fun time!

After a couple of hours at the splash park, we loaded up and headed for our favorite yogurt shop. The rest of the day was laid back and care free... it really was perfect weekend day!

Sunday started off much the same.
Beautiful weather.
Church and then lunch with friends.
A little Sunday Shopping.

This is our usual routine on Sundays, and I love it. Sundays are probably my favorite day of the week.

At lunch, one of our friends invited us over that night for small pool party and BBQ with four other families. It sounded like another piece of perfection pie for our weekend.

We had the best time with our friends. The kiddies played in the pool while mommy's sat and chatted as we watched our babies play. The men split there time between the pool, the grill, and the TV watching the Mavs.
It was one of those sweet life moments that you want to soak up.
I even said to our friend who was hosting that we should do this every Sunday.

Then comes one of the two most scary moments of my whole life.

We had been watching the kids very closely all evening, but at the end of the night everyone starting buzzing around getting things together to go. The next thing I know, I see a shadow at the bottom of the pool. I was trying to figure out what it was right as I heard my friend say "Who is at the bottom of the pool?"

Panic set in as we realized it was her little boy.
I will never forget the image of him being there. Ever.
The next moments were full or horror and fear.
I don't even want to recall them, in part because I don't want to relive it, yet again (I have many times since then) and in part for privacy of this family.
I will say that I have heard of "a mother's cry" when their child is gone or in danger if dying, but I had never heard it.. until that night. It was straight from her soul. I'm not sure I'll ever forget it. CPR was given, and the little boy was saved.

The little guy is perfectly fine. He is his normal, sweet, funny little self and he doesn't get what the fuss is about. I love that kids are so resilient and I wish that adults were too.

I can tell you that I have hugged my kids tighter, been more patient, and taken less for granted since Sunday night. I do hope that the horrible memories and the feelings I get when I think of them subside, but I hope that I never forget how precious life is and how quickly it can be gone.

I have been slow to write this post for two reasons. One, I almost felt guilty about how lovely our weekend was in realizing that it was almost so awful for dear friends of ours. I know that doesn't even make much sense, but like my hubby says "You can't help what you feel." 2. I've just needed time to process it all. We had an amazing sit down with all the families involved tonight and I feel like I can start breathing now, know my friends are all going to be okay.

Daniel's parents just arrived tonight and we are so looking forward to some family time and happiness.

Thank you, Lord, for every day that we are blessed with. For every breath that you give to us. Help me to not take for granted, but to still be able to live and enjoy life. Amen.

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