Monday, June 27, 2011

Vacation Bible School!

I was a little bit MIA last week due to...
And I don't just mean MIA to the 'ole bloggity blog.
MIA to my housework
MIA to friends
MIA to family phone calls
MIA to time to myself
MIA to life in its normalcy.

But it was so worth it!

This year I bit off a big 'ole piece of volunteer pie by signing up to be one of the Directors for VBS. It was a lot of work, a little bit stressful, but I loved it! I even look forward to doing it again.

Volunteering is a family affair in our house.
My mom often comes to watch London while I fulfill my volunteer duties (room mom, pta, children's council, ect...).
Daniel often times gets roped into doing something or another.
Dylan even gets wrangled into helping with little odds and inns jobs.

This week was no different.
Daniel helped out at the the church on two of the three work days.
My mom watched kids for me on the weeks leading up to VBS
she even volunteered to sign kids in the morning...

I don't take for granted what an amazing family I'm blessed with.

Some highlights from the week...

Dylan and London both had a blast.
Dylan was of course in the kindergarten class. He had a lot of his school friends in class with him, so that made it extra fun!

London went to the nursery every day.
She has always stayed home with me, so it was big treat to her to be able to go to "Bible School" everyday. They had all sorts of fun activities for the little ones in the nursery through out the week!

Dylan said his favorite part of VBS was snack and drama.
This does not surprise me.

My favorite part was watching all the kids in Music.
I just love seeing little ones sing and dance, especially when they are praising the Lord!

On Sunday we had a program where the kids sang all the songs they learned over the week.
Then a few kids, including Dylan, gave a little presentation on what the week was all about.

Our little man only had one line
"Be ready for God!"
but he totally rocked that one line!
And while singing the songs, I could hear him above everyone else!
He's our rockstar!

After the program, we had a big BBQ for all the families.
Even though my job was over, there was a still a lot of clean up to do, so Daniel stayed and helped break down all the tables and chairs under the tent when it was all over.
He's such a good sport and a great guy!
I'm a lucky girl!
I have so many special memories of VBS growing up.
I feel so blessed to be able to invest in and be part of these memories for my two little ones.
I hope that their memories are as fond as mine.

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