Friday, June 3, 2011

The Mommy Reset Button

I love being a mommy.
I would not trade my days with the kids for anything.
I feel as though I was meant to be a mommy and I find amazing satisfaction in striving to be the best Mommy possible.
Most of the time.
Like, maybe 85% of the time.
But some days.
I'm tired. I'm cranky. I have zero patience.
I do not feel like being a good mom, or that am one.
And you know, some days, I'd really rather be at some office working an 8-5, any office that would supply me with abundant adult interaction, than to be a stay at home mom.

I use to feel incredible guilt, like the kind that consumes your whole body and makes you nauseous, for having even a sliver of the above feelings.
I would brush them off just as soon as they landed in my head.
Then I would thank the Lord for my kids and feel bad for having any sort of negative feelings about being with them.

Until one day I realized that thinking any of those things did not make me love my two beautiful babies less. It didn't make me ungrateful for being their Mommy or unequipped to do a great job. These thoughts make me human. I think having embraced that very thought has actually made me a better Mom.
Sometime you just need to hit the reset button.

Today is an example of this.
I found myself increasingly short with both of the kids, feeling exhausted, and even a bit overwhelmed.
Thankfully, my mom invited them over to spend the night.
I kissed them good bye, checked my guilt and the door, and now am enjoying a little quiet time until my Hubby gets home and we have a little date night.

And then.
In the morning, Daniel and I will go pick up our love bugs and have a funfilled family day.
I'm looking forward to it.
Get this...
I've been with out the two sprouts for about two and half hours, and I already feel rejuvenated. I'm already missing them a bit.
When I think of London, I think of her sweet giggles and spunky little spirit. Early today I would have said those awful shrills and sassy know it all attitude.
And Dylan, I'm thinking of his creative little mind and what a genius he is.
Earlier today I would have said the way he"scripts".EVER.


Here's to a quiet and relaxing night and then a fun filled day with the babies tomorrow!
And here's to knowing its okay to need a little time to yourself and STILL being a good Mommy!
Happy Weekend, Ya'll!

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