Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Splish Splash, Having a Blast!

Yesterday was one of those days that make you want to freeze time for a little bit so that you can soak up every little bit of all the sweetness that life oozes with.
We started the morning off with family cuddles and snuggles,
one of my very most favorite things!
*Check out Dylan's little undershirt. He thought we was really big stuff wearing it. He kept calling it his "Little Daddy" shirt.

Then, we ran out to Highland Village so that I could do a little last minute shopping for our vacation. Also, Dylan needed his hair cut. (How cute is he with his new do?)

*side note: check out Sister's fashion statement. She picked this little ensemble out all on her own. I must admit that I had to take a deep breath before allowing her to wear it out of the house, but she felt beautiful in her ruffle socks so there was no way I was making her take them off!*

The kids were so sweet and well behaved while we were running around that I decided that they needed a little treat. So I threw them into their swimsuits and let them
run through the splash pad.
They had the best time.
And I loved watching them run and laugh and play.
Seeing my little sprouts loving life makes my heart so full of happiness
that I think it might one day explode from it.

After our splash pad treat, we needed something else sweet...
So we headed to McDonald's for another extra fun treat.
A lunch date with my two favorite littles!

Sometimes I am caught off guard at what little people my sweet babes are.
In my mind they are both still much smaller than they really are.
We sat and had lunch and the three of us carried on little conversations about this and that.
I remember taking Dylan to lunch when he was a small todler, and I would talk and talk and talk to him while he added only a few words to our "conversations". I would think to myself "One day, he'll be big enough to really converse with me!"
And now, he is a smart and funny little boy with so much to say.
And little London Lou is pretty advanced in the speech department, if I say so myself, and had plenty of juicy tidbits to contribute.
I can't help but to smile just thinking about it.
I love talking about cartoons, and robots, and babydolls over lunch.
I can't help wonder what our lunch conversations will be like in another 6 years!

Mommyhood is not always full of kumbaya moments.
Sometimes it is hard and stressful.
Sometimes it makes me question myself.
Sometimes it makes me feel like I need to commit my self.
But days like yesterday...
They are filled with love, joy, and happiness.
They are dripping with appreciation and thankfulness.
They are fulfilling and worth it all.

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