Friday, June 17, 2011

Baby Love

I'm telling ya...
These two little sprouts own my heart
(along with their hansom daddy)
and yet they still manage to steal pieces of it daily with
the cute things they say and do.

Here's a little peak into the day to day conversations in our house:

London: I know EVERYTHING!
Mommy: You do!? Like what?
London: About the park
Mommy: You know everything about the park?
London: No. I know EVERYTHING!

Dylan: Mommy could you "Re-con-scid-er" that?
He means to say reconsider

Miss Londy Lou has recently discovered how much
she can obtain and achieve
with her charming ways.
She will come up to you and rub your arm, give you a hug, or show some sort affection,
and then say something very sweet,
"Your pretty Momma", "I looove you", ect...
And then she'll swoop in for the kill with a
"Can I have...."
"Can I do...."

Sister's got skills.

Yesterday we had a playdate at Chickfila.
At the end all of the kids went to the counter and turned in their kids meal toys for ice cream.
When trading your toy, you can choose between a cone or a cup of soft serve.
All the kids come be-bopping back to the table with their cones and cups
and then comes Dylan
with a Banana Pudding Milk shake.
I instantly start laughing because I can only imagine the story behind it.
First I make sure he didn't take someone's from the counter.
He says "No! The man behind the counter handed it to me."
So I go to the counter and explain that Dylan got the shake, didn't know he had to pay, and let them know that I would be happy to pay for it.
The manager laughs and says its okay.
"He was just very insistent that he would like a shake.
He was sure he didn't want a cone or cup"
I guess the man did try explaining the policy about trading toys for a cone or cup,
but Dylan kept telling him it was fine and that he could pay for the shake with his toy.

I don't know if my writing does the story justice,
or if maybe its one of those "you just have to be there" moments.
But I'm still laughing.

Trying to talk Dylan into playing with her this morning:
"Bubba, PLEEEEEEAAAAASE play with me. I'm your little sister!"

If that doesn't melt you heart, I don't know what will!

Dylan: When I'm a teenager, I'm going to be a professional singer
Mommy: Oh yeh? What sort f music will you sing?
Dylan: Rock, Rap, and all the good stuff.
Mommy: Sweet! Will you be in a band or be a solo artist?
Dylan: Solo.
Mommy: Will you go by your name or another name like Lady GaGa does?
Dylan: Hmm. Oh! I think I'll go by another name
We then discuss many options
Dylan: I think I'll go with "Mama's Boy". It sounds cool and rocker.

So there you have it, be on the watch out for one bad-ass Rocker-Rapper, Mama's Boy, in the next 10 years!

At Target Yesterday:
London: Bubba, will you be my boyfriend?
Dylan: I can't... I'm your brother, London
London: But please?
Dylan: Don't worry you'll find another boy.
London: You be my boyfriend, Bubba!
Dylan: London... I'm your brother. Brothers can't be your boyfriend.
Just like I can't marry Mommy.

I love that she loves her brother so much! haha!

Everytime we go to walk out the door
London stands in our way and blocks it.
Then she says
"Answer my riddle"
We say okay and she gives us something crazy like
"The splash park"
And then we say something about it like
"The squirt guns"
and she gives a satisfied nod and a "Yep!" and lets us past.

In the drive threw at the bank paying our mortgage yesterday:
Dylan: Why are we here?
Mommy: I have to pay our house note.
Dylan: WHY!? Why would you pay for our house? We already live in it!?
I then explain the process of borrowing large amounts of money from the bank and paying it back monthly and how you do this for a houses, cars, and other big stuff.
Dylan: Well, that's not fun!

The wisdom of babes!

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