Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

We had
Really and truely, it was so exactly what our little family needed.
Daniel has been working crazy hours and with the end of the school year seems to come a crazy amount extra things to be put on the calender. I do love to be busy (with things we love) but its been a bit much.
Anyways, this past weekend Daniel was able to leave work at 5 on Saturday (yes, thats early these days, and yes, I think its crazy too, and yes! we are very thankful that he has a job and we should not complain) and then the best part? He had the next two days in a row OFF OF WORK! YAYEEEE!
*For the record, he doesn't work these kinds of hours all year round, and his company is amazing at working with him and our family to make it as easy on us as they can when he does have these hours (but I'm still human so I'll still gripe from time to time).

So how did we kick off our Memorial Day weekend? Why, with an All-American sport, of course!
We took the kids to see the Texas Rangers play!

I have to admit, I had no idea how big of a deal the Rangers are to some people or how many fans they have.
We arived and the trafic was bananas.
I told Daniel that "I had know idea this was a big deal".
We had to park a mile away
(and pay nine bucks for it! yes, I'm painfully cheap at times)
and again I say to Daniel "No idea this was such a big deal!"
People are pouring into the stadium,
"Dude, I really didn't know this was a big deal like this"
We walk into this HUGE stadium with tons and tons of people.
Ya'll. It WAS a big deal!
All I could say was "I REALLY had no idea."
I wish we were paid $9 bucks for everytime those words came out of my mouth!
In retrospect, they are a major leauge team
and they did go to the freakin World Serries last year.
Of course they are big deal.
We just aren't huge baseball people, so I didn't know.

We went because:
A. It was free thanks to an awesome hook up!
B. Dylan has played tball for two years now, we thought he would get a big kick out of it (and he did)
C. We thought it would be a great, fun experience for our family and provide some much needed time together (and it did).
Bottom line is that it was such a neat experience and so much fun. I think we will definitely do it again sometime.

Think thats all the fun we had? No way! Sunday we attended church together as family, had lunch with my mom, and then Sunday Dinner (our favorite weekly tradition) at her house. Followed by an impromptu swim in her pool. Literally. Im.promp.tu. As in, we walked down to the pool area just take a walk and then I noticed our boy staring longingly into the pool, decided he should go for a swim, pulled his shirt off of him (with out telling him one word about what was to come next), picked him up and threw him into the pool. You should have seen his face! And Daniel's! I then decided he shouldn't be the only one to enjoy the fun, so I ran (for reals) down to my mom's and grabbed mine and Daniel's suits (that she keeps at her house for us) and that was that. Family swim time. London didn't have a current suit, as she has outgrown the ones from last summer, at Grammy's so she went in her undies. I'm not usually very spontaneous, but when I am... I have to say it feels pretty darn good!

Daniel and I even snuck off for a little unplanned date to the frozen yogurt shop while Grammy watched our babes (no worries, we paid her in frozen yogurt). It was such a great day!

Monday, we went swimming again, but sadly I had an awful headache and decided to go lay down at my mom's. Daniel, the kids, and Grammy had a great time though (which I'm glad for). I made up for it as best I could with a trip to the frozen yogurt store, family style! Daniel took the kids to see a movie they've been dying to go to (love that its their thing) while I had a VBS meeting and we finished the weekend off with a picnic in our backyard complete with story time.

It was two days filled with pure bliss. Looking forward to more!

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