Monday, June 20, 2011

Fathers Day

Happy Father's Day
to all the amazing Daddy's out there,
mine and my hubby being the top two!

As part of our father's day celebrations,
Daniel took London on her first "Daddy-Daughter-Date".
I am so grateful for a husband who loves our little girl enough to do
sweet things like this with her.
For their "special date"
I put her in a cute little dress,
which is asked me to iron even though it didn't need it
(I guess she sees me do this when D and I go on a date?),
and did her hair in my bathroom as a fun treat.
I even blow-dried it for the first time for her.
The whole time she was getting ready she kept asking,
"Do I look beautiful!?"
And of course, she did!

Her Daddy took her to her favorite restaurant...
I hope for this to be a tradition for her and Daniel
that they can do every few months.
As she gets older, she will enjoy going to "fancy" places to eat,
which will be right up Daniel's ally because he is a foody.
My Daddy always took me on little dates
and those memories are so precious to me.
Also, I knew what the standers should be for
any boy that wanted to take me out!

I must admit that at one point I got a little teary
thinking of how in 13 years or so, I'll be getting her ready
for her first date with a boy.
I know that time will be here before I know it.
For now, I'm so thankful for
her Daddy being the love of her life.

On Sunday we played a little hooky from church
for some much needed family time.
I did feel a little bad for missing,
but I do think that God takes delight in
investing time into ones family.

Daniel took the kids to a movie.
Going to the movies is his favorite thing
to do with the kiddos.
He could have opted for a couple hours of "me time"
for fathers day,
but he would rather spend those hours with his
two little buddies...
He is such a good daddy!

When I asked Dylan what we should do for for Fathers Day,
he suggested we take Daniel to the Chinese buffet.
So that is exactly what we did!
Grammy joined us and we had a delightful time.
I love how it is the simple things that
mean so much to children.

You blow me away with what an amazing father you are to our two babies.
You are patient and kind.
You are supportive and encouraging.
You are funny and playful.
You are everything that a child
could ever wish for in a Daddy.
We love you!

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