Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer Lovin.

Summer is almost over, and I'm not sure where all the time went.
Some of the time went into the pool.
Some the splash park.
A bit in the park.
A splash of it went into playtime in the yard with friend.
A little of it was spent in the library.
A smidgen of it was in day trips and weekend trips.
A bit on lazy days.
Some went to play dates.
A lot was placed in the laugher and fun.
This summer may be my favorite one as a Mommy to date.
Both my babes at home with me.
At the splash park, the pool, the park, on playdates, in the library, any where we felt like being... with me.
My heart has been full of love and happiness.
My arms have been full warm bodies giving me hugs and cuddles.
The only thing I would wish differently would be Daniel's crazy long hours at work all summer. He's still kicking it with 12 plus hours and day and weekends too. And I do wish we would have been able to take the kids to the beach, but maybe we can still find a way to fit in in before its much, much too cold. We've just been waiting on Daniel's work schedule to calm a bit. Or a lot.
We have a week and a half until our little guy starts Kindergarten. My heart is heavy yet so excited for him all the same time. I find myself randomly tearing up at the thought of sending my boy to school full time. My little box of giggles. I'm having trouble picture mine and London's day with him at school and not at home. But London and I have grand plans and will have a great time. And the reality is that he will be out of school before three. I can do this. I can do this. I can do this. And it will be great. For Dylan. For London. For Daniel. For me. Whooo. I have to take deep breaths every time I think about it. I don't know if every mom has this much anxiety over sending their babe off to "big school", as my boy so excitedly calls it, or if I'm just crazy. Maybe both. Probably both.
For now though, this Momma and her babes are just soaking up every bit of Summer that is left. Yesterday, we enjoyed a very lazy day and some playtime with friends in the sprinklers and kiddie pool. Today was spent lounging, cuddling, lots of out door play, and a few quick errands.

I think had it not been one thousand degrees outside today, we would have spent the whole darn day out there.

We did enjoy our time in the morning and late afternoon though. There is not much I love more than lounging in a chair and watching these two love bugs run, laugh, and play in the yard. And having over sweet neighbor friends just makes it all the sweeter.

And the great news? End of Summer, that doesn't mean squat in regards to our playtime out doors. There is plenty more of that to come in the fall and even winter!

But there is somthing so sweet about the sweaty, beautifulness of Summer. And THATS what we are soaking up.

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