Monday, August 16, 2010

The Last.

This is the last week of summer. It is very better sweet for us. We are all excited for Dylan to start Kindergarten, because he is so excited. I'm a bit of a wreck over the whole thing. I've been having crazy jitters. I'm not really nervous about him being there, as much as I am him being away from me... if that makes any since. Regardless, he starts a week from today, and he is so very excited, so I am too!

Tonight was the last Karate class at Little Gym for the Summer. I will say that the class is not what I really expected. It is karate skills class rather than an actual martial arts class. Non the less, Dylan had a BLAST and made some sweet summer friends. He was a little bit sad to say bye to everyone tonight, but the excitement of everything coming up way over shadowed any sad feelings, thank the Lord! We will for sure do Little Gym again next summer, if he wants. We loved it, and we really loved the teacher, Mr. Garret.

Tonights class was a brush through of everything they've learned this Summer. Dylan had a blast. I think it might have been the best class of the season!

I'm so proud of him for not being afraid of the uneven bars, I always was when I was little.

Sword fighting with Mr. Garrett

Dylan was a PRO at this little bar. He was swinging around it like a monkey!

Dylan came to give us a "hug" against the glass window. Silly boy!
I thought there was no way he could jump over this rope, but he sure did!
London is always Dylan's little cheerleader, not matter what sport. She gets so excited for him and cheers really loudly!

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