Friday, August 13, 2010

Grammy Time

The kids and I spent pretty much the whole day at my mom's, AKA Grammy, house. I tried to help her hang some of her paintings on the walls of her new place. I'm sure it was quite the scene, as I am no handy woman. But we somehow managed to get several things up, and we were quite pleased with our selves for that! haha!
We also napped and had lunch at her house. Then, we went to the pool for a bit. It was 104 degrees outside, so that pool felt more like one huge, warm bath. Warm bath, relaxing pool... either way the kids had a blast. We were able to meet some of Grammy's new neighbors too, which made our time even more fun.

We decided quite early that we were all starving and about to die from hunger. Well, maybe we weren't going to die, but we did need to eat. Grammy and I settled on Fudruckers because we were both loving the thought of a delicious burger. The kids were sold because they have small arcade.

The kids liked the food, but LOVED the arcade. Who knew three bucks could buy so much kid happiness!?

After we stuffed our selves to the max (or at least I did), we headed out to partake in one of my most favorite activities... shopping. Dylan was extra, extra good for us today and SO patient while he had to wait lots of time today for various reasons, so we went to Michale's and go a HUGE box of cookie cutter for him and London. Dylan LOVES his sandwich to be cut into shapes. And now, he has 110 new shapes to choose from.

After we got the cookie cutters,we parted ways with Grammy but I decided to do a bit of window shopping. I had nothing I needed to buy, but I just like to browse sometimes. Dylan was trying to be helpful and open the door for London and I (he is such a little gentle man), but accidentally opened it on London's big toe. Blood came immediately and I panicked, because this happened to her earlier in the summer and it left a really yucky "bo-bo". I took them into the store, explained the situation to a worker, and got something to clean it with. Dylan felt so bad about what happened, but I reassured him that London was fine (she really was, it was just a little scratch) and that it was not his fault. The both calmed down pretty quickly, the blood stopped, and we went about our way. Every now and then, London would look down at her foot and then at Dylan and say "No-No! Bubba!", in the sternest little voice. I couldn't help but get tickled. I would tell her, "No, Bubba didn't mean to. You forgive him, right!?" And she would nod yes, she forgave him. Until a few minutes later, and then repeat. I was really tickled at her. Dylan finally got tired of saying sorry and said to her "Don't be so angry, Little Mama! I didn't meant to!" I almost passed out from trying not to laugh!

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