Saturday, August 14, 2010

Donuts with Daddy

Yesterday morning we decided to make the most of what little family time we have these days, and treated ourselves to donuts from our favorite spot. We usually try to have a healthy breakfast, but sometimes you just have to splurge! It was so nice to be dressed (we are usually still in PJs when Daniel leaves in the morning) and out as a family. Its been a little while. The kids loved the treat and so did we!

After our morning treat, Daniel came with the kids and I to do a little work for my mom on her apartment. What a good man, to spend the little free time he has helping my sweet mom! He didn't mind at all, because that just what kind of guy he is! That, and we love my mom and are thankful for how much she has helped us out.

We kissed him good-bye for the day and then he headed to work, and didn't come home until almost 1:00 this morning. Crazy.

Dylan and I went to Lowe's Build and Grow clinic and built a bug box. I found out that Lowe's has these clinics every other week through a blog that a just stumbled upon. I signed Dylan up about 2 months ago, thinking it would be great fun for he and Daniel, and it will be, once Daniel stops working crazy hours, but so far I have had to take him to every clinic. I don't mind, but its not something I'm great at. Haha! I feel kind of bad for Dylan, but he doesn't seem to mind. I can't wait until Daniel can go with them. I know they'll love that time together!

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