Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

I love Wednesday and the fact that it marks the half way point of the week. I wake up on Wednesdays and think, whew... only a couple more days until the weekend! Except for that latey our "weekends" are only one day a week, Sunday. Poor Daniel is working like a mule right now. We appreciate his hard work, but we miss him terribly. Non the less, we have pretty much found our groove, and we are making this work the best that we can. And even though its not the half way point to our week these days, I still welcome beautifully sunny Wednesdays, like today, with open arms.

We started our day off with some time in the sprinklers and kiddie pool, the best thirty-five bucks i'v ever spent! My plan was for us to beat the heat by being out there around nine thrity. It was still so hot that we only lasted about an hour.
It was a fun hour though.

After lunch and nap time, we decide to brave the 104 degrees of heat and splish and splash a bit more. This time with our sweet neighbor friends. Again, we only lasted about an hour. Even with the super yummy Cherry Limeades that I made for everyone!

The heat might slow down our fun in the sun, but it doesn't stop our fun! We brought our party inside for a little mid-day movie. All the kids plopped on the couch for showing of the Spy Next Door, on our small little tv (that I've planned to replace for months now, but don't want to go with out Daniel and can't get Daniel to be off work long enough to go!). The size of the tv didn't seem to matter much though, and the kids had a grand ole time.

A little movie, a little snack, a splash of icy water... sounds like a grand time, no?
That, our fun in the sun, and dinner at home with our Grammy?
That makes for a Wonderful Wednesday!

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