Sunday, August 22, 2010

Knee Cap Replacement.

Wednesday morning my sweet Mom had her knee cap replacement.
Everything went really well and the surgery seems to have been a success! I took the kids to see her Thursday morning. I expected her to be laying in bed, but to our delight she was up, sitting in her chair and looking great! Dylan was so relieved, I think, to see that she was Okay. London kept saying "Get better Grammy!" over and over again. Bless their little hearts, they do love their Grammy.

I have pictures of myself in the hospital bed right before Dylan was born, having make up put on me. Anytime someone sees the pictures, they get so tickled and say "olny Carla". Well, guess what? The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Not even 24 hours post-op, and Grammy was in full make up!

Apparently, my packing habbits come honest too...

Right now, she is in rehab getting that knee working well, but we can't wait to have Grammy back in the full swing of things, back and better than ever!

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