Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Collage of Things.

Yesterday, the kids and I spent our afternoon with Grammy being busy bees. We were fluttering from one store to the next picking up all sorts of fun supplies that the kids will need for school and extra curriculars.
I love to shop. I love to hang out with my mom. Yesterday was pretty grand.
London will be starting ballet and tumbling classes this fall, and Grammy went with us to pick out her first outfits for each class. I want to save the full effect of how stinkin cute Miss Priss looks for the first day of classes, but here is a little sneak peak...
When we finished shopping, we headed to Dylan's Little Gym class. He was so excited for Grammy to get to come, and he did a fantastic job. Grammy and I were both amazed at some of things he was doing. I was always so afraid of the uneven bars when I was doing gymnastics that I quit just so I wouldn't have to do them. I am so, so glad Dylan is not. In fact, he loves them.

After Little Gym, we went out to eat and then Grammy spent the night with us. It was a real treat for all of us, even Daniel got to hang out with her a bit when he got home last night. And to top all that off, I woke up this morning to freshly cooked pancakes in shapes of hearts and butterflies. Thats our Grammy for ya. It was a fun way to start off our day!

Today, has been the opposite of yesterday. We have been lounging around the house, watching too much tv, taking extra long naps, playing with play dough, coloring pictures, and practicing our letters. We have stayed so, so busy over the past three or so weeks and today was much needed. The only times we left the house was to go to toddler time at the library, because the kids would have freaked to miss it, and to grab some drinks at Sonic.

I love busy and fun days.
I love slow and fun days.
I pretty much just love spending the days with
my two little rays of happiness.

Now they are tucked in and I have some quiet time to enjoy before my hansom hubby gets home and we get to hang out together.
Life is good.

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