Sunday, August 22, 2010

So Long, Summer!

Summer 2010 has officially come to an end.
It was a beautiful one, filled with happiness and sweet memories.
We celebrated the last week of this summer doing as many things that we love about summer as we could. Dylan's favorite was simply playing with friends.
There was lots and lots of play time this week. There was side walk chalk, painting, jump rope, splash parks, lunch dates, sprinklers, and most of all lots of laughs and smiles.

And the great news is that we live in Texas, so even though the luxury of doing what we want when we want is over with Summer's end, we still get to do all those fun things on weekends!

We are so excited to start the school year and start our new routines. We're anxious for fall and all of the wonderful things it will bring!

Happy Summer, 2010!

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