Thursday, March 29, 2012

Number 8

Baseball Season is officially in full swing.
Dylan's team has been practicing for several weeks and tonight they had their first game.

For the first time ever, I have not made it to any of the practices. Daniel has been helping with the coach staff, so he takes Dylan. I would usually still go, but it seems as though there has been a conflict every single time. So going into tonight, I really had no idea what to expect. I knew the boys would have fun, but would they be any good!?

The answer is YES! They were really quite great. And my little guy is pretty awesome at Baseball. Maybe this will be his sport. We let him play every sport, every year. But we having been waiting, watching, and hoping for one of them to really click for him. My bets are that it will be baseball or soccer. Although we haven't seen him play football yet (he hasn't been old enough), so maybe that will be it!?

This is our first time ever to travel for games. This is also the first time ever that Dylan's played for points. Everything up until this season of baseball, he has been in the peewee league, where they do not keep score for any of the sports. Dylan noted that this year he doesn't get a trophy just for signing up to play, that he was going to have to win the most games. I'm not sure if this is the case, but I was impressed with him for drawing that little conclusion. Dylan is the type of kid that would rather earn a trophy or prize, rather than being given one "just because." I love that about him.

*Dylan said he didn't like this picture, because he looks mean. I told him he looks focused and ready to take 'em down. He laughed and said "Oh yeh! I like that!"
There were 11 kids playing tonight. Between the six innings, Dylan batted twice and got hits both times. The first time he was up to bat, he got a hit off of the first pitch. He didn't make it to first base though.

London loves going to the base ball fields. She likes to watch Dylan, but she loves playing with all the little siblings. I was thinking tonight about what a difference it is to have a 3 year old at the fields rather than than a 1 year old, like I did the very first time Dylan played tball. I would chase her around the during the whole game, trying my best to watch and cheer for Dylan and keep London from climbing to the top of the score keepers box all at once. I must have looked frazzled, because I remember one of the moms telling me "You will get to sit and enjoy a game one day when she's just a couple years older." I thought to myself "yeh, right!" Turns out she was speaking the truth. I love this season of life (and baseball!).
For most of the game Dylan played behind 2nd base. I'm sure there is named position for this, but I do not know it.

The second time he was up to bat he got two strikes before he got his hit. It amazes me how nervous I get when I watch him play sports. I never thought I'd be a crazy sports mom. Now I'm pretty sure I always will be.
Off of that hit, he got a double!! My throat hurts from all the screaming that took place. He got to second, and the look on his face was priceless! Then, he stood at second in the funniest stance with the most serious look on his face. His little buddy that went to bat after him struck out, so he didn't get to try to get to home. Next time, he'll get it!
London and I were so excited, we had to run to the dug out and (air)high five Dylan through the fence. He was beaming. "Mommy, did you see that!? I got a DOUBLE!"
London said "I'm so proud of you Bubba!!!"
In the last inning our little guy played catcher. I was sort of shocked when I looked over and saw him there. He did a good job though!
After our team struck out the third boy from the other team, Dylan looked over at his Daddy to make sure the game was over and Daniel said "You won, Buddy!" His smile let up the whole field.
I was almost as excited as he was.

He talked the whole way to the car about plans on winning lots of games this year.
Cheers to that!!
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