Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dylan's 1st Grade Open House

I don't know how its possible that Dylan's 1st grade year is half way over.
Just yesterday I was packing his lunch for the first day of pre-school.
Or so it seems.

Tuesday night, Dylan proudly played tour guide and showed London and I all around his school and gave us a peek into what his days are like at school.
The first thing my big guy wanted to show us was his computer classroom, and the slide show he made. He was so proud of the slide show, and had already told me most of the details of it. Even with out the surprise element, it was still very fun to see how his hard work paid off!
Then, he took us to his Art class. He proudly displayed his beautiful masterpiece that he calls "The Jungle"
Then he led us down to his classroom where he showed off lots of his recent work and projects.

In the picture bellow, he is standing in front of his "self portrait" of what he'll look like as an adult. (The one in the black shirt is Dylan's)
Under the self portrait was a little report on what Dylan thinks he will be when he grows up.
It says:
Who am I?
I wear kastooms (costumes).
You will find me at a movey stootyoe (Movie studio)
I act.
I am an Acter. (Actor)

And then, my favorite of the whole night.
A self portrait of himself as a 100 year old man!
And a report on what he thinks he will be like then.

It reads:
"When I am one hundred years old I will have ten
gran chilldrin. I will have wrinkles. When I am one hundred years old I will have glases.
I will read chader book (chapter books) When I am one hundred years old I have a Beard."

I loved playing tour guide to my 1st grader.
He was just beaming with pride as we skipped from room to room and
project to project. He wanted to read me every single paper and show me ever single picture.

It was just impossible for Daniel to be there. It was the night before his game was supposed to ship. It was so, so sad for all of us, but it just is what it is. I used my iPhone and recorded Dylan giving his little tour, and we are going to sit down and watch it once Daniel's game is officially wrapped. I'll try to post a video or two on here too.

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