Thursday, March 1, 2012

End of Basket Ball Season '12

Last weekend wrapped up the 2012 basketball season for our sweet boy.
A few fun notes about this season:

Our boy was #12 in 2012.
Kind of fun, right?

While the main focus of sports at this age is having fun and learning how to be part of a team, we were so proud of the progress that Dylan made on the court this year. He started the year off having a blast on the court but not necessarily focused on the game itself. By the last game he was focused on the game like a champt and he was having the best time too. He might turn out to be a great little athlete after all!

He scored one basket this year and toward the end of the season he was taking some great shots (missing by just a hair!).
Daniel did not sign up to coach this year, but as he does every year...
he still coached. Daddy just can't stay away from the coach's corner! And I'm so glad
that he can't!
And lets not forget his assistant coach. She is about 3 feet tall, as cute as a button, and does not leave his side the entire game.

Defense was definitely Dylan's strong suit. He was really, really good at it and was able to keep up with even the best of the offensive players.

Dylan has never had much of a competitive spirit, but this year he seems to be picking up a healthy little does of it. He is still a great sportsman though. We tell him being a little competitive and wanting to be the best and win is great, but being having good sportsmanship is of the up most importance. I don't think we have to worry about this with Dylan. He is such a sweet spirited kid. And last summer, he was awarded "best sportsmanship" award, which the coach actually did on impulse after being so impressed with our boy (one of my proudest moments!) !!

After his last game, we headed over to one of his buddy's house for our team party.
All the kids got a trophy for playing this season, which is one of Dyl's favorite parts about playing. :)

Next year Dylan will start playing "real" basketball, as he says. Meaning that he will play for points and wins. He noted that this must mean not everyone gets a trophy. Smart boy!

Next up... Baseball! Starting next week!!

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