Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hoppy Easter!

Our Easter weekend was packed full of fun plans.
I had the entire day on Saturday planned with fun little Easter projects, a movie, and then church and a get together with our friends. I'm pretty sure it would have been a spectacular day.

Saturday morning, London woke up whimpering and holding her ear and said it hurt. I knew it must be an ear infection, so I called the pediatrician. The sweet lady on the phone told me they would get her in but that it was a full waiting room, so we should be prepared to wait. Lovely! So we laid low the rest of the day. Also, Daniel's allergies were out of control and he looked like a zombie (I say this with love). He should have been in bed all day, but made do with an afternoon nap.

We managed to pull ourselves together in time for our church's Children's Service. Dylan and Daniel were ushers, something Dylan has been very excited about for the last week or so. Right before it was time to leave, Dylan said his head was hurting. I assumed it was just allergies, gave him Tylenol, and we continued to church. Dyl had the best time being an usher. He looked so grown up (and I think he felt so too!).

While the boys were ushering people in, London and I went outside and helped set up the Easter egg hunt. I think there were almost 3000 eggs. It looked beautiful and it was gone in about 10 seconds.
After the service, we all came outside an enjoyed the 10 second hunt. Haha! The kids really have so much fun with it though!
Our church does a great job making this a special day for our kids. They even invited a special guest...
After the service we headed to our friends house for a little get together. I made the cutest dessert that I've ever made and didn't take a picture of it with my camera (there's a picture on Daniel's phone, but I don't know how to get it to my computer). The kids were running around and having the best time, and then Dylan came and told me his head was hurting again. I asked him if he felt bad enough to want to go home. He said no. I gave him some water and our friends set him up in their room with tv. He laid there a bit and said he felt better. He moved into their movie room and watched a movie with some of the other kids. When it was time to go we found Dylan out like a light on the couch, and with a little fever. We got home, gave him some Motrin and put him in bed with me. I set my alarm clock to wake up and give him more medicine, but his fever had broken by then.

Sunday morning I woke up around 7:30. My kids, especially Dylan, never sleep past 7:30. So, I assumed the family would get up at any moment. 8:30 rolled around and I had checked at least 3 times to make sure both kids were breathing. The finally woke up shortly after 8:30 and found their Easter Baskets.

I wanted so badly to go to church, but I could tell that neither of the kids were 100% better. They were both sort of off all day. We enjoyed a restful day at the house. We dyed eggs and watched a movie. London and I took a nap while in was raining outside (which is my idea of a perfect afternoon activity), and when we woke up my mom was here and playing with Dylan.
Grammy and the kids were in charge of dessert.

We had a yummy dinner and just enjoyed family time.
We never got to get dressed in our Easter Best.
The day was not anything like what I had planned.
But we snuggled lots, giggled bunches, and enjoyed the day
just hanging out and being a family.

And here is our Easter 2012 family photo.
If that doesn't make you laugh, I don't know what would!

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  1. Carla, You are such a good mother and wife. You, always, make the best of any situation. Terry and I talk about you!
    Aunt Dean